Guadeloupe, which is known as Butterfly Island is an overseas region of France in the Caribbean. Two languages are spoken on the island and they are French and Antillean Creole. It is located in the Southeast of Puerto Rico.

Best time to visit Guadeloupe

If you want to visit Guadeloupe, then the months from December to May are the perfect months. In these months, the weather remains dry and warm and there is a pleasant temperature year round. We would suggest you to avoid visiting the place in the months of August and September as there is a threat of Hurricane season that can ruin all your plans of traveling to some of the best destinations here.

The most beautiful places to visit in Guadeloupe

La Soufriere : It is the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles. Here, you need to bring plenty of food and water, wear your shoes and follow one of the trails that is clearly indicated. You can also enjoy panoramic views along the way and can also take a hot bath upon your return.

Parc National de la Guadeloupe : This is a perfect draw for the nature lovers and a must visit place for the persons who are a birdwatcher. It is a huge protected rainforest where you can find plenty of hiking trails and is also home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Impressive waterfalls can also be viewed in the park where a break can be taken for a picnic and you can also swim in order to restore your lost energy.

Sainte-Anne : It is home to more than fifty unique beaches where you can stroll under the palm trees and can also swim in the turquoise water. You can also relax on the white sand. Scuba diving and simply sailing lounging on the beach can also be done and can enjoy the tropical way of living.